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The Fireworks

May Allah peace be upon you and greetings.

Ever since it’s birth, fireworks has been a phenomenon in its class. You don’t need to be a historian to know how prominent the usage of it, let alone as a gyro engineer. It had been used as a medium of communication pre-historically. Most of the contemporary festivals and formal occasions have integrated fireworks in their celebrations.

Yesterday, it was engraved in my history of fireworks the spectacular view during the New Year celebration. I am not the night-out person so I watched the celebration via the stupid box – the television. Indeed, I admit that from the artistic and design point of view, it was mind blowing. Calibrating the size and shape of explosion to the highest accuracy, blended with intricately patterns and “rainbowish” colour really involves “rocket science”. However, there is something crucial to ponder apart from that amusement.

As a Muslim, dated back on the 18th December 2009 was the New Year in accordance to our lunar calendar. It was the 1st Muharram 1431 Hijri. By the way, Muharram is the first month in our calendar system. 2 weeks after that, which is today is the New Year according to Gregorian calendar. How amazing is it?

Time is relative. It starts and soon will end. We live in the dimension of time as a subset which soon will perish one day. We get older by seconds, not by years. It marks the “seasoned” of our body system. The most important question is, does it mark the quality of humanity inside us? How we structured our life in the past? Will it be promising in the future? Churchill once said, the future is determined by the action in the past.

Speaking of humanity, according to Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil (www.saifulislam.com) we are obligated with emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual quotient. These aptitudes are naturally inside us. The bigger the influence, the better we will be provided the expansion of these quotients lead us to goodness and positive outcome.

I may not be the best person to speak about humanity since me myself is learning and developing the qualities that have been embedded deep inside my soul. However, I may urge myself as well as the readers to ponder the life we’ve spend for the past years. If we are suppose to draw a graph, let say  age against contribution to the society. How will our graph look like? Does it exponentially increase? Linear relationship? Moderate? Inconsistent?Wobbling? No significant change at all? You name it. It is you yourself who know the answer.

Abraham Lincoln once said, We create living by contributions that we are willing to give in our life. Bear in mind that the word ‘contributions’ here is abstract. It can be wealth,health,time,or even ideas. As long as the contribution will benefit others. In fact, imagine if you donate your money to a charity fund, how would you feel about it? Knowing that your money is used for helping poor people, young kids, old people, or disables who need some extra help in their life? You would be much happy will you?

I’ve done the checklist in my life diary, hoping to improve the positive qualities that I have, and adding others that I might aware of as time passes by. The key ingredients here is consistency. Regardless of my study, my social environment, my emotional and spiritual quotient, I realize that I must deal with my consistency first before taking to the next steps. As soon as it becomes a habit in me, there is no awkward feeling for change. I’ve ticked my checklist, would you like to follow me?

“The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. – Alfred North Whitehead


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